Friday, March 23, 2007

Team Player And The Firehose

Dance lessons have become a blur, even right after I take them.

Last Friday evening lesson series at the Atomic Ballroom:

6:15 Absolute Beginner Balboa
We go through some basic stuff and a Balboa circle. Aubrey taught us this pattern a couple weeks ago. Just realized I haven't seen her since.

The other two classes pass quickly, as nothing new (to me gets taught). I stay briefly for the St. Patty's day themed dance. Danced a few dances with students who showed up from the OC Swing Thursday night class, as well as ladies I met at the last couple AB classes of the evening. Lots of fun, but I have yet to be adventurous enough to dance "up."

I've decided to join the Atomic's Beginner level dance team, and I let Jerry know. He seems happy to have me on board, and I leave early enough to get to the practice the next morning.

[EDIT 20070702:
Lie! I left early because I was still intimidated by the more experienced dancers, unsure about my own dancing, and uncomfortable with just being a wallflower.]

Saturday morning: I have breakfast with CH at Mimi's Cafe (pan perdue, lovely), and make it to the AB Swing Team first meeting. It's a blur of choreography which I don't remember. Just flat out don't remember. Sad, really. Andrea mentions that we've talked on-line but I'm not sure from where. OC Swing forum? Scott, Gerald and I ask what classes we should take, and Jerry tells us to take his classes. Gulp. That's usually the level 2 classes. He even tells us to jump into the ongoing series classes. Gulp again.

Sunday is another blur of new material and choreography. I enrolled in three OC Swing classes: beginnner (again), Charleston Kicks for Lindy, and Intermediate. A blur, though I vaguely remember learning the cuddle variation of the swing out and a slightly more complex ramp-up in the intermediate class (adding a rock-step cross, rock-step cross).

After that, I went to the Atomic's 5:30 Swing 1 Series (Se Ya Later Alligator). Don't remember any of the choreography. Followed by a technique class, and Swing 2: Rip It Up. Again, no memory of any choreography! Scott was there when I walked in, but didn't stay for class. Gerald came for the 2nd and 3rd classes.

Tuesday Night:
Scott and Gerald both showed up for the classes. Nice. They remembered far more of the team choreography than I did.

6:15 Swing 1 Series Social Pattern
Scott, Gerald, and I were the only leads who showed up for the class. Crecia Krysia was the only follow at first, but we were joined by Jenny and Trish later on. Since we are all on the team, he decided to ditch the class topic and work on team choreography.

In Savoy Stying, I finally understood the rhythm of the Savoy Kick, but didn't do well past that point. Intro'd to the Minnie Dip, but don't remember much. Tweaked my left knee and had to sit out towards the end. Worried that it'll be an ongoing issue.

Oops, off to another Friday night at the Atomic. Have lost track of the hours for the month. That'll have to wait for another day.


  1. So when are we going to see your debut on "Dancing With the Stars"? ;-)

  2. Ha! I don't think so. No desire for fame. And I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm not that much of a dance nerd.