Friday, March 30, 2007

Hot Popcorn

Dear Self,

Yes, popcorn is a neat food. Yes, butter flavor might be a little boring. Yes, you're an adventurous eater. But just because you see people at work eating popcorn with hot sauce all the time doesn't mean you should try it. And hearing the sizzle of Tabasco hitting popcorn sure is fun, but should also be a dead giveaway that nothing good could come of the experiment. I mean, the popcorn wasn't that hot. What was the sizzle from? That's right, it was the sound of evil!


P.S. A couple drops of hot sauce in scrambled eggs? Pure genius.


  1. My recommendation? Try Salsa Bufalo (at your local mexican food aisle) on some fresh popcorn. The chipotle flavor is probably best.

    Viewer discretion is advised.

  2. So, your suggestion is that I switch brands and flavors of the hot sauce I put on the popcorn? I recently had the chipotle tabasco and loved it. I wonder if that would work?

    Someone at work yesterday suggested I sprinkle powdered parmesan. Sounds good, but the FoodTV snob in me doesn't want to buy it. I wonder if shredded will work as well?

    And finally, air-popped but sprayed with butter-flavored Pam? Blech. Sounds horrible.