Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Advice Badly Given

MetaFilter pointed me to Dear Cupid.

What an interesting idea, with a signal-to-noise ratio that isn't bad. Yet. But the language is... And I don't mean bad language.

Take the answer to this question (summary):

I will try to make this quick ,I been with my Man for 8 and half years , We are suppose to get married this year, I love him to death and a part of me is so ready. Problem is for the first 5 years he was unfaithful, loving him so much I settle for ...

You first need to decide which man you want as your exclusive relationship, as being with both will only harm your children. Your newest child deserves to have a relationship with his biological father (and he has the right to a relationship with his child). You need to be firm with your fiancée on this point, as his proposal of no contact with the baby's biological father is untenable. If that truly is the only way your fiancée will stay with you, then you will have to break off the engagement and end the relationship. Do the best thing for your children and their relationships with their respective biological parents (including yourself). I hope this advice has helped.

Not bad advice. Except that it was framed this way:

the father of the babii deserves to see his biological father ther fore u shud tel the father to ur other kid that wot he said cant work.. therfor u wil have to leave him. do it for ur kids and make sure every1 stays in contact with their biological dads and you. hope i helped.

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