Friday, June 22, 2007

Too Much Dancing? Part 7


Atomic Classes:
I'm running late for the 6:15, and Jenny throws me in as a follow! Real nice! Actually, it was a lot of fun and really good practice. Couldn't even tell you what the moves were, but I did get in some work on doing turns. Jerry points out that I'm moving my feet first then unwinding my torso instead of turning my whole body at the same time. I'll have to work on that.

Crecia Krysia is a bit late for the West Coast Swing Moves class, but not so lat that I have to follow for more than a few minutes. Whew! Neat class, but I realize that I'll have to perhaps find a WCS studio if I want to learn WCS. Cool class by Darren.

Tandem Variations with Darren. Darren assumes basic knowledge for an advanced class, still, while I think most of us taking the classes are really just intermediate. I still really like this class, but fear that most of the content I lose right away. I'm still really just anchoring the entry into partner/tandem. No matter how many times we breeze over the entry on the way to something else, I haven't really done it enough to say that I have it down. Perhaps in teams? Probably not. Grrr... I'll have to just do it over and over again socially, I think. New project? Oh, we did some Hacksaws in Front Charleston position. I'm not sure of the rhythm of the hacksaw, though. Still just regular Charleston rhythm, like the pendulum? Or faster? Hmmm..

Social dancing: I do some tandem with Crecia Krysia and tell her that our dances together from now on are going to be things I'm not that comfortable with. :-) She's my "try new stuff out" partner, now. That being said, our entry into tandem isn't that clean, but I successfully lead a turn and the exit into cross-kicks. I got to do my "is that your boyfriend?" followed by dancing at arms length joke with Chelsea (really pretty follow who is mainly as salsa dancer, I think. Our loss if she does salsa on Friday instead of swing). Dance with Jamie again (and remember her name after anchoring an association). Lots of dances with beginners, which I still enjoy. The toughest dances are the ones with gals who don't know even the basic footwork. Should I ask if they want an impromptu lesson? I feel like I'm pushing things when I ask if follows want guidance on dropping the last triple of an underarm turn. Maybe I'll start asking for the true beginners. Or point them to the classes. Is that rude?

Club Dance classes. Aubry teaches some new stuff she came up with which completely blows my mind as the ballroom dances always do. She's right that doing this type of dance makes the follows more attuned to shifts in rhythm that follows might make. But I still don't know enough about the various dances to do the club dance. I bail. As I'm walking out, I stop to talk to Brock, and Chrissy comes to chat with us. Well, no, she comes to talk to Brock. Another diss. I'm really not imagining this. But I have work on letting go of that stuff. Or holding on to it and letting it fester. Yeah, maybe the latter. :-)

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