Thursday, June 21, 2007

Too Much Dancing? Part 5


Tuesday night at Atomic Ballroom

Hittin' the Breaks: Darren
Mostly about various Quick Stops. Neat.

Modular Lindy: Jenny
Footwork Variations under a different name. Again, I nominate and work on Kick-Cross, Tap-Ball-Change (on 7-8-1-2). I think Mark hates me for that. :-) Jenny also throws us step-hold instead of triple-step on 3-4.

Social dancing: I totally do the footwork variations from class (and some others) with Crecia Krysia. She says she definitely feels the step-hold on 3-4 of a swing-out. Also did kick-cross tap-ball-change. No slip-slops.

As the night winds down, I get turned down for dances twice by a couple of very good dancers. Once by a gal who was in a conversation, "Maybe in a bit." Second by whats-her-name [Chrissy] who was talking to Scott and desperately pretended to not hear me ask (in my mind, anyway). I hold a grudge. Those two are on my shit-list. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but I do. Maybe this is more because I make it a point to not turn anyone down for dances, or if I do because of need for water or speed of a song, I make it a point to search out that person immediately. Or maybe because it makes me feel insecure (Did I dance badly or hurt someone who's bad-mouthing me?).

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