Thursday, June 7, 2007

Re-Cycle Part 3


Memorial Day

Rode with LB and EB and their crew. Been months since my first ride with EB and my first ride with LB. They rode their tandem and the rest of our group (7 people total?) clustered around them. I'd previously met Grace at the LB-EB compound for dinner and Ultimate Fighting (she's a spin instructor and marathoner). One of the other riders (Caroline?) is a spin instructor. Diana is a triathlete who is taking a break from running due to shin splints.

We have to change a tube before we start, but eventually get going.

Ride w/24 Cyclists: Tustin - Back Bay
Distance: 24.5 miles
Elapsed Time: 2h
Pace: 4m 55sec miles
Avg. Speed: 12.2 mi/h
Max Speed: 29.1 mph
Calories: 1354


HR vs. Distance:

We made lots of stops (to avoid dropping the slower riders), which translates to inconsistent heart rate for me. You can see two peaks at 170 beats per minute at about the 47 minute mark and at 1h 5min. These were the climbs of San Joaquin Hills road where it dead ends into Back Bay Drive. I rode it once with Diana and Grace when we were the fast group. Caroline didn't make it due to a gear shift mistake, so when we returned, she and I rode it again. Ouch. The last peak at 180 was at the long straight stretch along UCI where Diana invited me to really push it with her. We rabbited, and held 28mph for a brief time, the fastest I've ever gone on a flat area.

HR vs. Cadence

My cadence is all over the place during this ride. Lots of coasting, quite a bit of slower riding not at tempo with slower riders. The B's, Grace, and Diana take off on the final stretch, and it's all I can do to hold on. My legs are made of lead at that point.

We all eat at CPK afterwards. I get the Tri Colore salad pizza and split it with Diana who gets the chicken tequila fettuccine, which is just as good if not better. Yum! Some of us will try to ride Saturday at 2pm. I'll try to work in EVH and possibly SS into the group if we do a slow and fast group again.

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