Friday, June 22, 2007

Friends, Food, and Flowers

Went to Meeting and lunch after with the Youngish Friends. Remys, CatBonny, Animaumbrae, SS and Mr. SS, RKW, though EVH and AA both bailed).

Again attended meeting. No lunch this time, but Jana invited me to dinner with the Remys. Hooray! EVH gives me some flowers. I'm greatful, but flash back to my last birthday. Ok, here's the horrible truth: I got some succulents, just about the easiest plants to care for. But I managed to kill them with my brown thumb.

So very tired from a full day of dancing, but I head out to SS's for a quick morning ride along the San Gabriel river trail. Shower and a rushed trip to Intro to Quakerism at the Friends Meeting nice chat with Jo Tyler, the co-clerk. SS gets there a bit later (I got the first shower), and we continue to chat until meeting for worship. During meeting for worship, I manage to fall asleep a number of times. EVH later tells me she counted 3 times I was asleep. I didn't have the heart to tell her what I was counting, but it might have had something to do with London and France.

Oh yes, dinner with the Remys again! Mmmmm... Ratatouille! Mmmmmm.... Apricot-Lavender compote! Mmmmmm.... Comfort-time with friends!

My flower's not dead! I've been watering it regularly and everything! Though I haven't removed the pretty paper. Some other time, maybe. And the bigger pot off to the left is the planter full of succulents I got for my -last- birthday. :-(


  1. I think that now I feel better that you admitted to falling asleep in meeting. The worst was when someone had to tap me on the shoulder twice to get me aware enough to shake hands at the end of the meeting. = )

    But I am pretty sure last month the person who was supposed to read the queries was asleep while the Clerk read them, and then woke up and started to read them and then someone informed them they didn't need to be read. At least that's what I think happened? Were you there that Sunday? It was a little bit funny, although I am not sure if it is too mean to say that it's a little bit funny- but it was.

  2. catbonny: Ahh, sleep. It happens, you know? I wasn't there for what you're describing, but as I said, it happens! Darn you, late Saturday nights! Wait, I like late Saturday nights with friends. Now I don't know what to root for.