Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Too Much Dancing? Part 2

Tuesday Night at Atomic
No strong memories of the classes. Darren's was a blur of new moves which I never remember. Footwork Variations and Syncopations blur together into non-memory.

Good, long night of social dancing. Every new or new-ish follow I dance with compliments me on my lead, which is an ego boost. I'm doing my progressive East-Coast moves again, which is working out well for dancers who don't know any Lindy. I remember to add in the belt-buckle turn, but I think I'm not doing the whole thing the last triple-step.

I see Sky again, and dance with some of his gal-pals, one of them for the last dance. I introduce myself, but she already knows who I am from Sky mentioning that I've "been working hard on becoming a better dancer." Well that's true, and I'm flattered that I apparently made an impression on Sky.

I'm a junkie and decide to make my first outing to the OC Swing promoted night at Tia Juanas. I miss the class, but that's ok. There's no place to stash shoes and they don't want outside water, so I leave that all in the car. Sky was right, later on in the evening, I see some pro dancers out on the prowl. Weird to see some are smokers.

TJ's is a much smaller venue than Atomic, with lots more jostling, and virtually no room for swing-outs. Again, the music can be faster than I'm comfortable with. On the other hand, the pro dancers are fun to watch, and inspiring in different ways. Dave Graybill has very understated smooth social dancing style that night, while Mikey Pedroza is amazingly high-energy.

It's nice to dance with new people, but I bail after two hours when finding parters is harder and there's still no space to dance.

In the final analysis Atomic is still home base, if for no other reason than there's space to dance!

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