Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Too Much Dancing? Part 3

Friday Night at Atomic

The social dancing is lots of fun, but I'm not spending a lot of time pushing my Lindy. I'm starting to get stale there. I should be pushing the Apache's and the 3-Wall (the next variation I want to work in). Also, I'm never switching my Apache back to the left hand, which I should be doing some of the time. What I am doing is working some footwork variations into my swing-outs, at slower speeds: kick-ball-change on 1-2, and an interesting kick-cross on 7-8 followed by tap-ball-change on 1-2 (tapping back).

I think I recognize a black guy with dreads on top of his head and shaved sides from Lindy Groove. I don't get a chance to chat with him, but I do overhear him mentioning LG. If it's the same guy, I remember thinking that perhaps he was a pro dancer in a different style who happened to Lindy also. Again, if it's the same guy, my impressions are a bit different. He's a really good dancer, but maybe not a professional. Perhaps he looked better with more up-tempo music?

Chatted with another black guy on the side-lines who was seeing swing dancing for the first time. His mind was blown, but he sounded like he was interested in it.

Earlier on: evening classes
The Bal/Shag class actually runs, unlike last week when we had a performance to study-up for. At first, I don't remember much, but it all starts to come flooding back from two(?) months ago when it was a series.

Johnny's drop is a quick Charleston variation:
Rock-step on 1-2 is away from the parterner in side-by-side Charleston.
Kick-cross on 3-4 with left foot for leads, lean forward on 4.
Rock-step on 5-6 starting with right foot, still leaning forward.
Step-hold on 7-8 with right foot, leaning back.

We work it into a routine:
Swing-Out from closed
Charleston Basic
Johnny's Drop
Charleston Basic
8-count Circle
"Tease The Girl" Entry to Tandem Charleston
Tandem Charleston Basic
Follow Turn in Tandem Charleston
Follow and Lead Turn in Tandem Charleston
Left-Hand Push-out and Return in Tandem
Right-Hand Push-out and Return in Tandem
Turn into Cross-Kicks

Hilariously, we have to go back and do the opening swing-out from closed three times before I'm doing it correctly (cutting off the follows during the triple on 3-4), and not like a Balboa come-around step (come-around on 1-2). I think it's hilarious to have to switch gears like that unsuccessfully, anyway.

The next class is progressive instead of doing the slips and slides. We pick up a short-haired red-headed gal (Michelle) who I've seen before (though I don't remember where). Jerry does his "barely tolerant of new people" thing, which is tough since we're incorporating Johnny's Drop which wasn't on the schedule for this class. Hope she wasn't looking for Slips and Slides. Nice gal, though.

I think we work in the 3-Wall too, but can't really remember at this point.

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