Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Re-Cycle Part 1

DH calls to beat me up about not riding. I use my knee as an excuse, but we decided to go riding the next day.


Ride with DH: YL Regional Park to the Angel Stadium "Big A" and back.
Distance: 18.6 miles
Elapsed Time: 1h 17min
Pace: 4m 10sec miles
Avg. Speed: 14.4 mi/h
Max Speed: 24.7mph
Calories: 989

Perfect intensity, perfect distance. It really got me charged up and inspired to ride again.

Here are some graphs about the ride from my Mac version of Garmin Training Center (no info on mean cadence or cool Google Maps export).

First, Cadence vs. Distance:

You can see that I hover just under 95 pedal rotations per minute (that's what cadence is) when I'm in the zone. Also, it looks like the ride was over at 1hour 15min and I just forgot to stop the unit.

Next: Cadence vs. Heartrate

Anything below 135 beats per minute is outside of the very lowest part of my cardio training zone. Really, that should be 140bpm, but whatever. Anything over 150 bpm is difficult to sustain for long periods of time. Looks like there was a 15+ minute gap in the middle of the ride where my cadence and heartrate were below my training zones. On the other hand, there are a couple minutes of pure-stop there, so those time periods surrounded the turn-around point of the ride. There are also clear warm-up and warm-down periods, which is good training technique.

Many thanks to DH for riding with me all this time, and kick-starting me again, for that matter.

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