Friday, May 18, 2007

Excercise and Stil Dancing Pt 6

Again, early morning training with AZ, then a spin class. This time, the spin class was a grind. Very difficult. I hit a wall about 30 minutes in and had to dial back. Perhaps the room was hotter, but i went through my 1.5 liters of fluid in 45 minutes and had to start drinking from my reserve liter, which hasn't happened in a while. So I drank over 2 liters in the hour-long class. Wow.

Attended Banning's Bikes open house for the first time. Banning gave me some samples for fluid replacement tablets, and I bought a one liter lexan sip bottle. Walked the Fullerton Farmers' Market, which flashed me back to last summer's fun times. This time last year, I was hanging out with RH, SD, and the rest of the "tidricks," most of whom I haven't seen in ages. Sad, really, that friends can come and go so casually.

That evening was an informal practice for the Atomic Swing Team, so I headed down to Irvine. Took the last "club" dance class, learned the hustle, and took an elbow to the right eye, which bothered me more than I tried to let on. No swelling, though I had a headache. The upstairs studio was rented 'til about 9pm, so we had to wait.

Really ironed out the group A performance section, as well as the boogie forward, boogie back section. Then something odd happened. Jerry dropped in to see how we were doing, and a couple minutes later, Jenny showed up to shut us down. This was about 45 minutes into the practice. I'd personally hoped for 2 hours of practice. It was shocking and puzzling. I chatted for a while with Gerald about what possibly could have caused this turn of events. Very little about learning the routine has made sense to me. We haven't gotten the choreography in a written format. They want us to avoid video of past performances. Now they don't want us to practice. Just really, really strange. Did they not want us to practice unsupervised? Did they want us "pumping up" the numbers at the club dance? Could they not handle the overhead of unpaid floor time? Eventually I decided that it was useless to speculate about the issue. Eventually, like 90 minutes after the act (we were still there trying to figure it out). Weird.

At any rate, I got some of the kinks ironed out of the performance, though we didn't get the chance to work out the whole routine. I'm still miffed that for some reason we can't be communicated with as adults.

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