Sunday, May 20, 2007

Time Out With Friends

20070512 Saturday
EVH hosted a pot-luck game night which I was able to attend. The fact that I'm not attending Meeting regularly makes me feel a bit disconnected from my pals there; It feels good to re-connect. We chow down then play Pictionary. My first time playing the game, and I'm really bad. I've always been bad a drawing, so adding speed, associations, a time limit, and shouting teammates doesn't help out the situation. SS's and husband are a great team; Good thing Gameboy had the foresight to draft them both for our triumphant (no thanks to me) team!

Mr. SS is thinking about going to law school, so we have a really interesting conversation about the breadth of possibilities there. I think I'm leaning away from that route and towards business school. Of course, I'm leaning towards finishing up at Tech first...

SS and Mr. SS are really interesting people separately and together. Glad to see the two of them again. EVH is charming as always, though filled with hosting duties. Nice to see JuRa again, though she's a tough Pictionary referree. Remys were there in full force, though John had to take off early to study. Catgirl and Gameboy closed out the Pictionary with a marathon speed round which left both their hands cramping, the paper covered in ink, and me in awe of their mad Pictionary skillz (yes, I wrote skillz, shoot me). KQ was there with mini-me, both charming, lovely, and interesting conversationalists. KQ has the better vocabulary, but mini-me is willing to show us her belly button, so I think it's a wash. Animaumbrae and Catbonny were their usual charming selves, throwing out the stealth humor and witticisms. I got to chat with RK, which I haven't had a chance to do before.

So much stimulating conversation ranging over so many thought-provoking topics! I miss these people and am glad I'll be able attend Meeting more regularly after Monday's math final.


  1. Hey, comments don't seem to be turned on for your Tuva post, so I'm commenting here...

    Genghis Blues is one of our family's all-time favorite documentaries. We are huge fans of Tuvan throat-singing! :)

  2. Oh and BTW: you're Mom provided a lovely spread of post-meeting refreshments today. And we missed you. Can't wait till you join us regularly again (and FWIW: announcements are much more streamlined these days)

  3. I noticed that announcements have been much more streamlined these days... I wondered how that happened, but it seemed like one week they just stopped taking forever.

    Good luck with your math final. It will be good to see you more regularly again, and to hang out a GD.

    I am hoping to have people over to my place soon.

  4. Yeah. Good luck on that math test!

  5. jana: I fixed the Tuva post comments issue. Thanks for pointing it out.

    jana and catbonny: Good to know about the announcements. It's been so long since I attended that I forgot that was and issue for me!

    I appreciate everyone's good wishes for my final. Back to studying...