Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Life In Balance

Reading this blog, it's hard to come to a conclusion other than that I spend my time taking swing dance classes and cracking wise. That's not quite true.

I spent Saturday with the family for my sister's birthday. Worth missing Atomic's Saturday night to spend time with friends and family. AP showed up and mentioned he's going to try to make it to Atomic later this month. Nice!

My differential equations class has become a huge time sink, but I'm currently riding a solid 95%. Not spectacular, but solid. Even better, I've been doing the homework ahead of time instead of at the last minute. Very proud of myself for that. I'm in an informal study group which meets twice a week after class and on Sunday mornings, which has kept me away from Quaker Meeting. Hopefully I can start to make it back to Meeting after the semester ends (or earlier).


  1. So... Dance, Math, Jokes? (rinse, repeat).

  2. Ok, maybe that's not as balanced as I thought. Wait, add in the family stuff.