Wednesday, May 23, 2007


John Remy told me a hilarious story about seeing a guy with a "spoilers" T-Shirt. He thought it was a cool idea, started reading it, then came across a spoiler he didn't know. Not so cool anymore.

Unfortunately, the exact same thing just happened to me. I think this shirt is a bit cooler than the list of text version, but am I the last one to know that Snape kills Dumbledore? Ok, I stopped paying attention to Harry Potter, but it was a definite spoiler.


  1. Dammit. He dies?

    Just kidding. In spite of a conference I was prepping for, I had to read the thick book because Jana and the kids kept inadvertently dropping hints about various events.

    I did the same thing with the shirt in this link. Another movie ruined. You'd think I'd learn.

  2. It happened again?! Too funny.