Thursday, May 24, 2007

There's No Good Television

If you haven't seen HBO's The Wire, it's time for you to Netflix it. And I'll tell you what the wise internet gurus told me: Watch the first four episodes before you even think about giving up. The writers really took their time in setting up the characters and situations. Some of the plot is very subtle, and takes reflection to understand.

You really haven't seen The Wire? Wow, I wish I were you so I could see it again for the first time.

In the mean time, here's a conversation about chess comparing it to a drug gang:

Transcript [with my translation] of the introductory conversation:
D'Angelo Barksdale: Yo! 'Sup with shop? [Why's business slow?]
Wallace: No re-up. [We haven't been re-supplied.]
D'Angelo: Why not?
Calvin "Body" Broadus: 'Cause, we got red caps. Stink'um say we have a new package tomorrow. [There's been a glitch in our supply chain. One of our bosses said we'd have improved product tomorrow.]
D'Angelo: New package? [Improved product?]
Body: Yeah man, this weak-ass stepped-on shit got these fiends agitated. [Yes, our customer-base grumbling about the diluteness of our existing product.]
Wallace: Look at 'em. They still buying it, though. [Yet, they're still purchasing our product.]
Body: Yeah, they buying twice as much, and gettin' half as high. [I don't think we should interpret current sales as loyalty, just desperation. At some point, our customers will look for other suppliers.]

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