Thursday, May 17, 2007

Working Out And Still Dancing Pt. 2

Yeah, Tuesday night at Atomic was a blur. Dance, classes, I have no memory. None.

Did a spin class in the morning. As in cycling spin. It's been a while, but lots of fun. Decided at the last minute to head to Lindy Groove. That night ... total blur. It was a total blur on the night in question, to be honest. I remember the class at the beginning was interesting (taught by Steve and Heidi); The moves weren't that tough, but they taught with footwork variations (mostly kick-ball changes), which made it tougher to learn.

Saw SL, and had a chance to dance with her before I left. I was exhausted, but do remember she did a cool speed change thing during the turns which I picked up on... during the drive home ("oh, is that what she was doing?!").

Note to self: Plan to go back to Lindy Groove. Plan.

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