Friday, May 18, 2007

Maths and Still Dancing Pt. 4

My morning starts with my study group flaking, so I'm in a bit of a foul mood as I take off for Irvine. I get down around 11am and have three hours of solo study time. I get some sun and studying at Jamba Juice. And yes, I also get a Jamba Juice. Liquid calories aren't such a great idea for me, but I feel like I should buy if I'm going to use their patio. Later on, I move to Bruegers Bagels and run into Shesha and Nikki. I've been there about an hour or so when they stop in to eat before teaching class. I'm still steaming a bit as I start afternoon dance classes.

Always an ego boost to take the beginner class and dance with the new follows.

Drags and Rags goes over some of the same material that Ben taught last week. We go into the drag from front to front, right to right.

After the intermediate class, I start the spins and turns class, but bail and head to Atomic. Nice small class with Danie, who I haven't seen in a week or so, and Preston, who I've known from the Sunday AB series in March. Preston is taking his first Swing 1 class, and will probably take huge strides if he does it regularly. He's doing the OC Swing Intermediate series too, so good for him.

Preston leaves and Chris joins for Social Patterns (which is more like anti-social patterns, I joke). We do an interesting swing out in which we change places and take a two-hand hold during 1-4, then bring the follow in for a whip-like position during 5-6, then send back out during 7-8. Very neat. We also do a six-count swing out, which is just plain weird.

The mystery slot is Aerials! We do a frog-lift, then one I don't remember the name of where the leads lift the follows with a right side torso connection, then squat while bending at the waist to form kind of an aerial dip (the follow's legs are up in the air). We did the opening portions of an over-the back flip, but don't do the lift part. Jerry is very careful with spotting and instruction about injury prevention. Neat class, though probably not socially applicable.

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