Wednesday, May 23, 2007



SL joins me for a day at Knotts Berry Farm, courtesy of one of my employer's vendors. I have a math final tomorrow morning, so I get up early and study at a Starbucks in Buena Park so as to not be late. But I'm still late. :-(

The vendor function is ... better left undiscussed. But I left with a dislike for bingo and chili. The corn-on-the-cob wasn't bad, and I got to show off my eat-a-single-row-at-a-time technique (which I have to admit, is sexy as hell. Not). It might have been rude, but I wish I'd had the courage to bail earlier. SL's roller-coaster hierarchy was borne out: the suspended ones are the best. And the one at Knotts, Silver Bullet, had the fastest moving line as well.

The Xcellerator wasn't bad, but the time in line was much longer than the Silver Bullet, the ride was shorter, and just wasn't as good. The Boomerang had the worst line (they can only operate a single car at a time, as the car reverses on the track), for not that great a ride. Montezooma's Revenge seemed a little antiquated compared to the others (30 miles per hour slower than Xcelerator), but the line was trivially short, a good thrill to line-wait ratio.

Oddly fun was the Supreme Scream, a seated rise of 250 feet with a three-second drop. I didn't scream, but did utter a manly yell of surprise. Then I did pushups on the the ground.

We rode the Silver Bullet again to end the park visit. They have high-speed cameras taking pictures of riders screaming, and I was tempted to buy prints of SL and I the second time around, but resisted.

We got an off-site meal to end the day. I want to say that I've eaten at Pat and Oscar's before, perhaps with my brother (I think he had a friend who managed one). Breadstick sample hit the spot, the salad had good flavor (though it was drenched in dressing), and the chicken and mushroom pizza was tasty. We talked a lot about swing dancing; I can't ever get tired of talking about swing with smart people who share the enthusiasm and have more experience than I.

P&O's wasn't bad but if anyone has a good restaurant they know of in Buena Park, I'd appreciate the pointer. Maybe I should have looked that up ahead of time.

I got home and realized I could still make it for a couple of classes at Atomic... Oh dilemma, your horns are sharp and pointy!

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