Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seinfeld Quote

I watched the HBO "Comedian Award" special honoring Jerry Seinfeld. Hilarious!

Anderson Cooper: And something will work one night in front of an audience, and you're in the same city and the next night, a different audience it might not work?

Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah well, I mean, there's all that stuff in development that's gonna make it... It's like a baseball team, you know, you have jokes try out, they try and make the team. And you know, you've got to be a consistent hitter. You've got to drive jokes in, you know? Once you've got a good team, you've got to be good to make that team, you know. Some of these jokes, they come, and I let them work out, and some don't make it.
I love a good baseball analogy!

I'm pissed at Robert Klein's joke about hands-free kits making him think that people are schizophrenic. My take is more about losing tried and true movie shorthand (the guy talking to himself is crazy; the terrorized victims can't call for help because the phone lines have been cut, the kids cruise to the music store to buy music).

Fascinating to hear Gary Shandling, Chris Rock, and Robert Klein in a roundtable discussion de-constructing what makes Jerry Seinfeld such a brilliant comedian.

The different takes on doing the Tonight Show were awesome.

Gary Shandling: First of all as far as my first Tonight Show goes, you said it's something you'll remember, what, 'til the day you die or the day you die?

Jerry Seinfeld: The last thing, right before you die, you remember, that was a good shot, then [slumps in chair].

Gary Shandling: See, I think when Johnny died, he remembered my shot.


Robert Klein: Now is Chris Rock saying, "Johnny who?"

Chris Rock: My first Arsenio was very touching too.

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