Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blogging Thanksgiving Part 7

Turkey Day! Feeling energized after a good sleep.

I sample the turkey broth. It tastes amazing! I'm looking forward to tasting the finished gravy.

Turkey out of brine. Rinsed. Patted dry. Air drying in fridge. Cooks says I might get a crispier skin. They also say to do it overnight, not for three hours. Oh well.

Cooks says I can thicken my gravy ahead of time and add pan-drippings at the last minute, so I start my roux. Melt butter, whisk in AP flour. Whisk constantly until roux is nut brown. Reserve some broth for deglazing, and whisk the rest into the roux. Simmer and skim while gravy thickens.

Sample again, and there's a whole new richness and texture (of course). Chill for transport.

Confirm with Sachi about oven use. Try to confirm with Oliver, but don't hear back. Same with Ghene.

Melting butter to top dressing. Only just realized I can do that ahead of time.

Crap, I have one oven. Turkey rests for 30 minutes, while the dressing needs 25 + 15-20. Hmmm.... That might work. I have to be organized. I'll need help.

Dressing cooks at 400 degrees while rolls cook at 375. I think I'll have to put the rolls in as we take the dressing out and start serving.

I feel like I'm forgetting something. Hopefully it'll come to me in the shower.


  1. hope it all turned out as beautifully as it seemed it would. and thanks for the brining info--everyone here kept commenting about how tender and moist the turkey was.

  2. I know I said it before, but I'll say it again... You're welcome!