Monday, November 5, 2007


From The Cold Bath, a really interesting series of conversations with Mr. Anonymous.

Michael Blieden: There was a girl who, in college, I wanted her so badly. I mean, I just... I, I... For years... And I worked on her, and we became friends, and we got closer and closer... And then this spark developed, and we made out a couple times. And then finally, she came to visit me in New York and ... It could have happened. And in my mind, I thought "Well, after I have an orgasm, then I'm really going to have to engage with this person."

Mr. Anonymous: In fact, this has summed up every man's thinking. That's the phrase that says it.

Blieden: And I sort of did the math in my head of what that afterglow moment was going to be like, and I knew that I would be a million miles away. And at the brink, I just...

Wow. Worked on her for years, THEN I'm really going to have to engage....

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