Friday, November 2, 2007

Dancing Roundup, Halloween Performance

Been a while since I focused on swing dancing in this blog (cue the sound of all six people who read this saying "next post...").

I got exposed to a couple cool footwork variations by "Tall John" who's been teaching recently.

Shorty-George Suzie-Q swing-out:
Regular swing-out on 1-4. instead of 5-6, do 5-a-6, turning to the left on 6, and unwinding into a dramatic Shorty-George Suzie-Q on 7-8. Do a second, less dramatic Shorty-George Suzie-Q as 1-2.

Jump-switch swing-out:
Similar to Shorty-George Suzie-Q swing-out through 6 in rhythm. 5-a-6 instead of 5-6. Then jump up to get weight off of feet, but don't let feet actually leave the ground. While the weight is off, do a sliding unwind/switch of the feet. It gives a cool illusory affect of the feet sliding with full weight on them.

The teams did a last minute performance at the Hullaballoo at the OC Fairgrounds. It was a family-friendly Halloween event put on by several area churches. I almost didn't make the first performance. Couldn't get away from work all day to get a Halloween themed tie, and had to stop off on the way down. Nothing in the temporary Halloween store in the Brea Marketplace. Nothing at Sears. Was walking from Sears to JC Pennys to get a brown shirt (I like the Stafford fitted ones they sell there), when I decided to duck into Spencer Gifts. They had a $6 skull and crossbones tie which worked. Tied it during the drive down (horrific traffic). 5 minutes to spare. :-(

The smile belies my tardiness.

Jeep Jockey Jump, almost forgot the A solo. Did the solo with Michelle for Big John's Special, which went fine, though not spectacular. Shim-Sham to the Monster Mash! Too fun. I have problems with the Shim-Sham when people are doing variations in front of me. It's distracting. Then See-Saw. Couldn't hear the music start, and had to catch up on the first circle. Michelle and I did a variation of our solo from Big John's, but I totally blanked on the entrance. Oh well... We didn't get to practice for it.

Oh, our solos:
Big John's Special #1
6-count circle
Chase Shadow entry facing stage left
Shadow push-out
Around the world lead and follow turn
Push-out exit from Shadow

See-Saw #2
Tease-the-girl Shadow entry (double-tuck then spin) facing stage right
Shadow push-out
Around the world lead and follow turn
Push-out exit from Shadow

Jerry asked us about doing the second performance on the concrete since the stage was scarily moving under us. We agree, so an hour later we do it all again at audience level. For the Shim-Sham, we do it in two directions since we're getting people watching from both directions. Some toddlers wanted to join in!

Totally posed, by the way. In no way should you think this is an action shot.

We screwed up our See-Saw solo again. My muscle-memory for the BJS solo betrayed me. We just social-danced for 8 8's and hit the swing-outs in sync with the rest of the group. More practice of the solos at speed!

Then there was some time for camera silliness as we milled around.

There was originally some talk of eating then going to Strutter's Ball. But then we heard the DJ at a distant part of the Hullaballoo play "In the Mood" so we got the brillian idea of Lindy-bombing the dance party. Lindy-bombing just means showing up and dancing lindy. No bombs involved. We missed "In the Mood," but managed to get there for the Electric Slide. Blech. There wasn't a floor, it was just dirt and grass. We made it work. Trisha got us in with the DJ and we performed JJJ and Big John's again. On the dirt. We were missing a solo for Big John's, but Charles stepped up and filled in when we realized what had happened. He's fearless when it comes to solos.

Headed out at 9pm when the event closed. Took a group picture:

Ate at Fridays in Costa Mesa. Fred and I split chicken quesadilla & tosado nachos. We bartered for a portion of fried mac-and-cheese from Krysia. Wow. None of this food is good for you, but it's all tasty.

Michelle and I chatted about some friends who seem to be dating but at the same time pretending not to be. It much more awkward that way for ... well, for me, anyway. I wrote an email explaining that, then discarded it. Not really my business. I mean, what the heck good would it do?

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