Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Short Shameful Confession:

I had a date last night, and at least one of the reasons I lifted weights before it was vanity. What's worse, I pushed back my sleeve and flexed my right arm at least twice over the course of the evening. I might even have asked whether she liked my arms. Pathetic.


  1. You did no ask about your arms!

    At least you didn't say something about "tickets to the gun show"

    ... or did you? ;-)

  2. Actually, I was feeling literary, so I said, "Let me introduce you to my two friends, Scylla and Charybdis." Yes, I equated one of my arms with a giant gaping maw in the sea.

  3. scylla and charybdis, eh? those are some scary arms. may not be the best way to convince a date she wants to get any closer to them (and you, since most touching starts with hands and arms...).

  4. "Let me introduce you to my two friends, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!"

    No, that would mean I had one weak arm and one monstrous, brutish one...