Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Four Man Plan

I think Renee was the first one to tell me about this. Browsed through it in a bookstore last night (that's right, on a date in the relationship section. Classic John move). There's something I don't like about the generalizations, conclusions about human behavior, and vague manipulativeness. But it's too easy to accept the author's frame.

And she's freakin' hilarious.

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  1. hilarious.

    and yeah--she's hard to disagree with. but only when you grant her starting premises. which is easy to do, given that they're rooted in cultural stereotypes that are themselves rooted in realities (as stereotypes typically are). but once you challenge those premises, it's easier to dismiss her.

    and the manipulation--it's just so distasteful. i don't think i could try to play men off one another, which seems a key point in her theory.

    (p.s. my word verification was xrazlx, which amuses me)