Thursday, November 1, 2007


Got this ad when visiting facebook today:

I assume this is targeted. I mean, 30+, large-breasted, white women with blondish hair? It says that right in my freakin' profile!!!


  1. maybe it's just facebook's way of telling you you have too many female friends under the age of 30...

    you're such a lech.

  2. Hey, half my age plus seven is 24!

    Lech?! Lech?!

    I prefer the term "Hyper-Sexual."

    And by the way, a distribution graph of the age of my facebook friends would be awesome!

    I guess I'm a hyper-sexual chart geek.

  3. is that your way of suggesting you're over, above, or beyond sexual? i suppose if you've gotten over being sexual or if you're above being sexual, it's not such a big deal if you're friends with so many young'uns...

  4. Certainly have not transcended my sexuality, and am willing to prove that.

    As for my 30+ singles ... Blech. It's part of what I find creepy about giving too much personal information... They know I'm a man, over 30, single, and interested in dating. Let me ask whether YOU've ever seen that ad on facebook. It's appears in the left column below the application list.

  5. Now I'm curious what my ads are on facebook, but I can't seem to find any....

  6. facebook is just trying to get me to manage my music better. which is a bit psychic of facebook, really, since i've been rather dilatory about doing so...

    maybe the ad featuring a 30+ woman is psychic for you, too?

  7. If you can introduce me to the woman in the picture, please do so.