Monday, November 19, 2007

Segerstrom Gig

[EDIT: Don't know why I forgot to post this at the time of the event in November. 20080218]

Swing team had a small gig at Segerstrom Hall, the new Orange County Performing Arts Center facility. We were dancing in huge interior entry way while people went from the box office to their seats.

Beautiful marble floor. I went the evenings of 11/15/2007 and 11/16/2007. Michelle was my partner the first night. I brought a fat maroon tie and an old skinny black tie I had from high school (!). Jeremy was wearing the black tie, so I matched. He had team Chuck Taylors on, but I'd left mine in the car. The white Aris Allen's didn't seem to go well with the black pants, and I was concerned about hard leather on marble. I just used my black shoes with rubber soles.

Jeremy's playlist had Jeep Jockey Jump on back-to-back with Big John's Special. Yikes. We took a minute break in between. Michelle and I did our #1 spot solo again. I'm bad at counting out the spots to get back in place for a second spot solo.

Second day, I brought my team shoes, but forgot the inserts. Oops.

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