Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Saw Lars and the Real Girl on my sister's recommendation. Just mind-blowing. Lars has a delusion. His friends and neighbors go along with it in an attempt to help him.

It could have been so over-the-top, but the acting was first-rate. Total commitment. Subtle.

I still had moments which made me shake with laughter at the absurdity (the school board?!), but even that was handled with subtlety off-camera.

Had a fun exchange afterwards which went pretty late (but how can one walk away from a lively discussion?). Thought I saw John Remy drive by a few times, but it was really late, so probably not. I spent too much time leaning on one knee, so when the party broke up, I had to limp to my car. The weather has been chilly enough recently that I'm actually using the heater in my car! Noticed a couple making out (with abandon) out in the open air under the bright lights of the University Center parking lot. Brrrrrr!!!! But I'm sure they were keeping each other warm.

Briefly wondered if there was such a thing as a geo-tagged Public Displays of Affection photo blog. There's a million dollar idea, right there.


  1. i totally understand the trouble walking away from a lively discussion--i've been known to lose sleep just so i don't have to cut a fun exchange short.

    and funny--i just saw that movie, too, and i think i encountered the same couple (in fact, i blogged about it here). with abandon indeed! would have made a fine inaugural post for your PDA blog...

  2. What time were you there? We saw Dave Barry at the children's bookstore, then swung by In-n-Out. Sorry we missed you!

  3. It was after midnight, and I don't think it was your car.