Monday, November 19, 2007

Saturday Ride and Dancing

Morning bike ride with P. First time I've been in the saddle since riding Glendora Mountain Road with Ghene. What? I didn't blog that?! That cant' be right... Crap, I really didn't. Too bad. At any rate, 11.5 miles round trip. We were about a mile from the beach, but it's always better to be conservative. As it is, I barely made it to team practice on time.

Poppa P is a cyclist and came to check out my bike. "You're not putting in 100 miles a week?!" I know, I wish I was. He really knows his equipment. Knew immediately why I hadn't upgraded to Dura-Ace ("Maybe if you were a professional, you'd need it!"), and we talked about riding together some time. He spotted my Garmin Edge 305. He rides with a 201, the non-Edge version which doubles as a running watch. I didn't talk to him about cadence riding, but I suspect he's the type who knows about it.

Swing 1 team practice:
I followed for a good bit of Jeep Jockey Jump. Not enough follows. Tiffany showed up late, and I was able to step out. Then step in again for Amanda!

You looked good out there. Your switches were interesting, but otherwise, you looked good. -- Katie

I can do switches, but I wasn't mentally ready. And no, there's no video of that.

Swing 2 practice focused on formation work with traveling swing-outs. Neat stuff. We did Jeep Jockey Jump in a rotating pinwheel, which was awesome! No Jingle Jangle. Hopefully that's pure Swing 3, though it's supposed to be on the December 12th performance schedule...

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  1. spent some time "in the saddle" myself recently. first time in a long time. and it left my body aching and throbbing in ways i hadn't expected.