Thursday, February 15, 2007

Annoyin Wriin

I know that others don't really understand some of my language pet peeves, and I'm all for writin in one's own voice, but there has to be a limit somewhere. I mean, come on people, writin in a non-annoyin way is just not that hard. I know I have my own writin tics, but I'm hopin there's nothin I'm doin that's inspirin people to make fun of my writin (the way this blog entry did). And it's about somethin I like! Well, the Joel Salatin part is something I want to hear more about. Somethin. Damn!


  1. I think that's nothin compared to my peeve. There was some six paragraphs and almost fifty clippins of the 'g' in the 'i-n-g' structure. INCLUDIN, by the way, Farming -> Farmin IN THE TITLE OF A BOOK! Come on!

    That's just pure affectation.