Monday, February 12, 2007

Spinning My Heels

Quaker Meeting on Sunday morning followed by a meal at the Gypsy Den with RH, Anima Umbrae, and B catbonny. [EDIT: Duh, and SS of course]Lovely conversation, lovely friends. Good to see B catbonny tolerating us odd people. Wondering how she's handling all the unprogrammed worship, but it always feels a bit pushy to ask, so I don't.

SL and I saw my sister's Second City LA level 3 class perform. Missed the first few minutes of the show, but got to see the bulk. Very funny stuff, except for the Samuel Beckett bit. Ouch. Some players were clearly better than others, though I might be biased when I proudly say my sister was clearly one of the best up there. RyanH and my mother were there, but returned quickly to Brea after the show. John Remy and EVH had tried to make it from the 3pm Confessions of a Mormon Boy to the 5pm show, but got mixed up regarding the address. So sad, but they met up with us for dinner at the New Indian Grill. Great Samosa's, yummy veggie fare (though chicken and lamb were on the menu), more great company.

SL asked me some issues on Quakerism which were quite thought-provoking. Chatted with her perky roommate, and I volunteered my unneeded advice about her evening's entertainment. Time flew by.

Oh, spinning? Yeah, got up at 4am for the 5:30am spin class. But 'twas not to be [EDIT: That's a little shout-out To Anima Umbrae]. All spots taken by 5:15am. Darn. Considering the 8:30am class. Considering the 7:30pm class. Meanwhile, spinning my heels.


  1. Well, that article was hilarious! But you were there. Clearly not funny. Maybe to a class studying Beckett.

  2. I don't think it would be pushy to ask me how I am handling all the 'unprogrammed worship.' I am pretty open about things like that most of the time, even if my openness is to say that I am still processing something.

    In terms of how I am handling it, I would say that I really like it even though a lot of times I wonder if I am thinking about the right things or if I am too inward-focused, but I think I am too inward-focused in a lot of other areas of my life, so that is nothing new.

    The hour of silent worship is something that I really enjoy at this point, because I feel like it helps me to clear my mind of all the busyness in life and to focus more deeply on things that need to be focused on. It is a big shift from my Pentecostal/Catholic background, but the difference doesn't freak me out as much as it is really refreshing and exciting to be viewing faith and worship in a very different context then what I am used to.

    Also, I don't think you guys are odd, or anymore odder than myself at least. You guys are hilarious and really appreciate getting to know and spending time with you all. = )

  3. catbonny: I'm glad you're finding it valuable. And for the record, I'm not exactly sure there's a wrong thing to be thinking of. At least, if there's a list, I hope introspection isn't on it! It's probably part of practice to come without agenda or plans, but I usually have some things I need to spend time working out. Sometimes that's how I spend my time, and sometimes not. *shrug*

    As for the contrast, that's definitely there. I grew up in the tradition, and still found/find it very different from even everyday life.