Thursday, February 1, 2007

Words I Love


If you hear me use "efficacy" in a sentence, there's a 57% chance I've been maneuvering the conversation towards a situation where I could use it for at least 3 minutes.


Just because I love the word doesn't mean that I want to obfuscate all the time, though there was a time in my life... One of those cool words which doesn't quite have a simple synonym, but has a beautifully clear antonym: clarify. I like the way it rolls off my tongue...


  1. You are safe ( FOR NOW!

    Also, I hate blogger and its recent slowness. Make it stop, Johann.

  2. Nice site! I always feel self conscious when I say something then realize I'm talking like a book, and not like a person. Which is when you'll hear me pause and say, "Who talks like that?"

    Or, "I just wanted to say 'efficacy!'"

  3. I too love the term "efficacy." It is loaded with a long history of social psychology research as well. Albert Bandura's work on "Self-Efficacy" comes to mind. I probably use it too much, and probably inappropriately. Then again, maybe I'm a pompous ass.

    I guess I'm doing a poor job of obfuscating that fact.

  4. Along the lines of "obfuscate" - I also like the terms, "elide," "occlude," and "mystify."

    Then again, I'm kind of nerdy about words in general.

  5. Oh, I have an affinity for the word "occlude" too. Oh, and "affinity!"

    But "mystify?" Any word that's the title of an INXS song isn't quite obscure enough. :-)

    The only time I've ever actually had a chance to use the word "elide" was when discussing the Baltimore accent.