Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hightop and ABC

Visited AH and family this afternoon for AH's birthday (old man). EH is a year and a half (?) now, and they're six weeks or so pregnant. Exciting news for them. -Lots- of babies around. Met some of his Occidental faculty co-workers, as well as a charming couple with a two-month old (he got his PhD in astro-physics, got an MBA, and is at RAND now; she ... ?). Managed to chat with RM and The Falcon as well. AH and GF both want to get some bike riding in. I want to go. Badly. But need to rest knee.

This knee thing is ridiculous. I'm going to make a doctor/PA appointment on Monday.

Was invited earlier on to a club for live music and Blues dancing, so I spent the evening at Arcadia Blues Club for the "Speakeasy Blues" event. Teddy Lee Hooker opened for Coco Montoya. Most of the group I was going with flaked, which left me with a willing dance partner who far out-skilled me. I found all kinds of reasons not to dance at all, including the large number of people there who weren't dancing, but staring at the dance floor, the incredibly skilled and enthusiastic older couple who were obviously going to outshine me, the amazing music being played, etc. So all I could do was suck it up and ask my partner to dance as many times as I could, without making her completely unavailable for more skilled dancers. I don't think I handled that balance very well, as we probably should have spent more time on the floor. Unfortunately, my 6-count turns completely left me. Should have just tried them, audience or no, looking silly or no. How else am I going to learn? Clearly need to practice regularly with a partner. Need to look into that.

During the lesson Speakeasy Ken put on before the live music started, there was one woman who very conspicuously would not dance with me. Not just once. Ever. My intuition told me it was that pesky mark of Cain again.

Fortunately, the awesome live stylings of Teddy Lee Hooker, and a soft, pretty gal in my arms had me quickly forgetting about it and concentrating on embarrassing myself on the dance floor.


  1. I'm flattered, John, but I'll have to pass on the "practice regularly with a partner." :P

    Good for you for literally stepping outside of your comfort zone.

  2. > :P

    Is that you sticking your tongue out looking for a kiss? I -told- you, I don't do that anymore. But I accept your pat-on-the-butt i the hetero way it was extended.

    For all the lack of anything fancy, my legs are actually the tiniest bit sore.

    Now I know I want the skills. I guess it remains to be seen whether I want to put in the work to get them.