Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back on the Bike

I went to a spin class last Saturday, but canceled personal training this week for a Quaker meeting on Tuesday (on the Bill Moyers series Faith and Reason) and swing dance lessons on Thursday. Saturday was a chance to get back into the cardio groove with E&L.

We rode 20 miles Saturday morning, keeping around 15mph on the way out (slight tailwind), but slowing way down on the return for a total ride time of about one hour, forty minutes. I think LB was hurting a bit. I'm very concerned with LB's cadence, as he seems to be falling into the habit of cranking at a cadence in the high 60's, then feeling burned out at the end of a ride. Shocker! We need to get him up to at least 75 revolutions/minute and work from there. Of course, that means a bike computer, which he doesn't have. I wonder how much it costs to just get the mounts put on a bike?

I did a mini-sprint on my own between the 91 under-pass and Lakeview Blvd, just to get my heart above the 110-125 I was holding for most of the ride. Waited for them at Lakeview and rode as a group the rest of the way back to the cars. EB had a martial arts class to teach, but LB and I ate breakfast at the Original Pancake House. Not bad.

I am going to get so many women with this bike! :-)

We don't quite have what EB calls a "herd" of riders yet, but we're working on it!


  1. You ARE going to get so many women with that bike! Very, very sexy.....get another one of those straigt-razor shaves (uhhh, is that what you call them?) and they will be lining up at your door. :-)

  2. Ha! I've always found the line outside my door to be a strange image! :-)