Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On Tour With CH and JJ

Glommed on to CH's evening, last Friday; He's in town, so I make every effort, you know? He and JJ had dinner earlier on, and I met them for drinks at the Embassy Suites bar. We were looking for slightly more sedate, and we got comatose. That was fine, as we were all about the chatting. After a round we found out they closed at 10pm. On a Friday?!

We rolled to Mulberry Street in downtown Fullerton. Again, sedate. And with rude service. Nothing on tap. Whatever, good company makes up for a lot.

First time meeting JJ, and she's a riot. She uses body language to tell stories in a way that I associate with theater people. Turns out she's trying to break into show business. Nice. Maybe CH told me that before. Anyway, fun person to hang out with.

Ended the evening with requisite grainy, low-light pictures.

CH and JJ:

Getting the band back together:

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