Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cold Weather Gear

Two days ago, D.H. asked me why I hadn't been riding on the road, to which I replied: "It's frickin' cold!" Of course, to my sensitive Southern California skin, that means 50 degrees F (that's 10C for you ... people everywhere else in the world).

D.H.'s answer: "Let's ride on Thursday, but here's a list of stuff you need to buy first." Great, more $ on cycling! I headed down to Banning's Bikes yesterday with my list: wool socks, leg warmers, jacket, gloves with full fingers, and a second set of arm warmers (to layer on my first set). Banning walked me gently through the purchase, as always. He steered me towards knee-warmers (mid-calf to mid-thigh) instead of a full leg warmer. Instead of a sleeveless jacket, he suggested a windproof model with zip-off arms; Why buy a second set of arm warmers if the jacket sleeves are a layer? Gloves and socks were a snap (socks that say "Evil" were too cool to pass up). Damage was just over $120.

And now I need to meet D.H. in an hour for our ride. My legs are sore from Tue and Wed spin class as well as the not-residual soreness of Mon and Tue jogging. Can't imagine that I could do more than 20 miles, but I have dropped some weight since I last rode on the street, so maybe that will help.

Enough blathering. Time to suit-up!

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