Monday, January 29, 2007


Nice chat with the Remy's yesterday. I ended up staying for dinner, which John made (Mapo Tofu with TVP instead of pork. Yummy to the point that I need to make it myself).

I'll refer to them as a single unit, since that's how I think of them. No, not really, but I'll do it because it's easier for me to write.

JJ: So, we don't mean to pry, but how did the date go?

me: Great! Did I tell you I got a straight-razor shave that morning? It was awesome!

JJ: Ha, ha! Does that mean you don't want to talk about it?

me: No, no. You're fine. I really enjoyed myself and the time really flew by. But there was a really uncomfortable moment I want to ask you about. We were talking when one of her roommates burst into the room. Well, that might be the wrong word to use, since the door was open. But she barged in and started ... lecturing might be the right word. Anyway, she started lecturing us about dating morality!

JJ: What?!

me: Yeah, and this went on and on! I don't remember the roommates exact words, but she accused my date of ... Umm, the phrase was "flirt to convert." And what did she say to me... "Leading the flock astray" or something like that. Have you heard either of those phrases?

Jana: [horrified] Yes! Oh my goodness!

John: [skeptical] Is this a true story?

me: No, but it's damn funny.

They didn't even let me get to my punchline:

me: I was so offended that I put my pants on and left!

Stop endgaming me, John!


  1. For the sake of such golden nuggets, I will stay silent.

    (Can I say 'nuggets' in the context of a no-pants joke?)

  2. J:
    I think the hardest thing about joking around with us Mo's is that we are so darn gullible when it comes to such things. We couldn't even let you get to the punchline because we could so believe the story and we were outraged rather than humored...

    Ok, but now it's funny and I'm so glad that it wasn't true. :)

  3. I always feel really guilty when I realize that people have taken my joking stories seriously. But not so guilty that I won't do homework on plausible sounding phrases to use in a fake story.

    I hope it was funny and not horribly deceptive. I try to disclaim my jokes right away. Try.