Thursday, January 18, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

Violent Acres

Wacky, provocative, fictionalized account of someone's life. I'm sure there's a psychological term which describes how people feel free to be more shocking, provocative, antagonistic, and fantastic with the distancing effect of the internet. I don't know what it is, but it's got to exist. Violent Acres should make someone a fascinating case study. Worth reading the following pieces, but don't fall into the trap of being provoked. Put on your best air of detachment, prepared to be amused, then read-away:

Is this a guilty pleasure for me? Definitely. I thoroughly enjoy the earnest communication, though I think the author would be better served by being honest with the fantasy sequences ("I wish I could go back and say..."). Underlines for me the need to be honest in my own writing.

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  1. I just finished "If You Don't Have the Balls to be Hated, Then You Don't Deserve to be Loved". And "You Can Learn a Lot From a Rich Girl."

    Refreshing. :-)

    I loved "You Can Learn a Lot From a Rich Girl." I just forfeited my two credit cards to the back corner of a drawer, which will require me to THINK before using them and consult my significant other. :-) I'm quite quilty of impulse buying on credit cards to the point where I've got about four weeks of my income on them - not too bad based on the American average, but still an annoying little prick in the back of my mind every day. Ryan and I are trying really, really hard to purchase necessities and not much more (this decision made in the face of doubling our living space and waking up each morning with strong desires to go to Ikea and Pier 1 and fill it all up. We don't NEED anything else, especially just for the sake of filling space. And whatever we did get would be on credit, so.....Just say NO is our new motto)

    I loved the comparison of credit to selling yourself into slavery. I'm very glad I was raised by frugal parents who will be well-set for retirement by the time they reach that age. Their discipline didn't rub off 100% on me, but they taught me enough to be generally wise with investments and to budget well. I do want stuff and nice things and a comfy retirement and a better car....but not at the price of slavery.