Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm up doing my dry-run of attending class Wednesday morning, but I've run into a slight problem. My class is on Wednesday night. How the ... How did that happen?! I've signed up for a class which directly conflicts with one the Remy's have invited me to attend on Wednesday nights, one I was really excited to attend. The 8am time I thought I was signing up for seems to have evaporated. In fact, this particular class doesn't seem to be offered in the early morning at all! I don't have any explanation beyond self-delusion on Friday night when I registered.

Getting my schooling untracked seems to easily be the priority here, but I hate to sacrifice the fellowship and spiritual stimulation I experienced. Not so easily the priority.

Fuming. Seething. I need to go calm down.


  1. Hmmm, I'll miss seeing you at the Wednesday night classes, but a degree seems like a worthy cause and a good no-show excuse.

    We'll expect to see you on spring break week, though! ;-)

  2. Definitely a sad thing. Thanks so much for making me feel welcome at the event. That kind of thing means so much. And we can socialize outside of that specific event, right? Make John and Jana invite me to something. They don't see me enough! :-)

    Spring break, I'll be there with bells on! (bells not included)