Thursday, January 25, 2007

How Not To Enjoy Your Shave

During my previously mentioned straight-razor shave, I had an unfortunate incident.

I settled into the chair and had that billowing thing they drape over you draped over me. Then my phone vibrated. I had set an alarm to remind me of the scheduled shave, and didn't want it to go off every 5 minutes for the next hour so I got it out of my pocket to turn off.

Now try to visualize: I'm lying flat on my back in a chair, covered neck to ankle with a drape, trying to turn my phone off. One needs to bring the phone around outside the drape with one hand and bring the other hand out from under the drape to interact with the phone. One assumes what can be described as a crucifix position, with both hands outstreched. Unfortunately, Ana, my barber, was bending over next to me and I managed to slap her quite squarely on the backside.

I apologized quite strongly, of course, and she graciously told me not to worry.

But I spent the next hour with her stroking a razor around my neck.

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