Saturday, January 6, 2007

Review: Children of Men (no spoilers)

Saw a really mind-blowing film last night called "Children of Men," starring Clive Owen. A mix of dystopia, immigration attitudes, Abu Ghraib, totalitarianism, urban warfare, and of course, the value of children to society. The view of the future is incredibly immersive; The cinematography is mindblowing. There are a couple scenes in the movie featuring intense action which appear to be done in a single continuous shot /take, one of which seemed to last for ten minutes. I'm guessing that last shot was stitched together somehow, but I didn't spot it.

Go see it.


  1. I agree. Probably the best movie I've seen in the past twelve months. I liked it significantly more than V for Vendetta...mostly because, as opposed to acts of terrorism, the hope in the midst of human distopia which this film portays is nature's power to concieve new life and the altruism and momentary outbreak of peace that this hope inspired.

  2. There's hope, but there's also a depressing undercurrent of tunnel-vision. I mean, the hope of the human race doesn't trump other issues?

  3. This is a good point. I think it suggests that we may in fact be unable to avoid an apocalyptic scenario some time in the future. But this hope could remain the seed of our recovery.

    I'm still hoping that sanity and rationality can prevail...and that the fight with ignorance, hatred and fear is worth fighting.