Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year, New Blog

After reading Mind on Fire, and pilgrimgirl, I've felt motivated to write ... something. Maybe this was rekindled by Ryan egging me on to write 5 minutes of stand-up comedy as well. I've always read that new bloggers have to mention the adage that the best way to improve one's writing is to actually write, so there's my mandatory mention.

I spent New Year's Eve with some new friends at "First Night Fullerton." Jaw-dropping hot-air balloon on Harbor, amazing midnight fireworks show, and a couple hours of serious wandering around. Really fun. Sis reminded me later that she was at The Olde Ship. Whoops.

Resolutions? In the past, it's seemed like a resolution was something that I was supposed to do in the past and wouldn't really do in the future. Over the last few years I've made so many positive changes in my life that the future seems suddenly filled with potential. I'm not sure that I've felt this positive for more than a decade. So the idea of a resolution doesn't quite jive with the way I've always emotionally reacted to them in the past ("yeah, I'm probably not going to actually follow through with that").

That being said, I'd like to:
  • continue to live healthy
  • live my life with more thought about spirituality
  • compete in a sprint triathlon
  • complete a "Century" ride (100 miles)
  • take more pictures each week
  • update this blog with consistency
  • increase my social circle
  • contribute positively to the communities I belong to
  • take a vacation that requires an overnight stay
  • take positive steps towards finishing my degree
  • write 5 minutes of stand-up comedy
Plans for tomorrow:
  • Weekly weigh-in
  • Workout with trainer in the morning
  • Try jogging on the treadmill


  1. Good goals :)

    I've still got to put mine down in writing. I can't decide just how ambitious I should be...

    Question: when you say "take more pictures" does that mean digital photography or something else completely different????

  2. I feel inspired by your goals. This is the first year since high school that I've felt ambivalent about New Year's resolutions, and it feels weird. Maybe it's because I'm already working on some goals...?

  3. Thanks, by the way, for the kudos. Does this make me and Jana your blogfather and blogmother? :P

  4. Well, you two are -clearly- my blogparents! :-)

    To be honest, this is the -first- time I've written down any goals. Maybe because they seem reachable now!

    Jana: I meant I'd like to take more digital photos, documenting what's going on in my life a little better. Dare I ask what you thought I meant?!