Thursday, January 4, 2007

First Ride 2007!

Here I am on my first ride of 2007, and first cold weather ride (well, what passes for cold weather in SoCal). That me with my new Canari Eclipse Jacket, Canari Windfront Kneewarmers, and mostly hidden Evilcycling socks (by SockGuy).

Rode with my Garmin Edge 305 for the first time today. Used LoadMyTracks to pull the tracklog data to my Macbook, then gpsvisualizer to create an interactive map. Which I'm having problems embedding. Grrr.

So here's ride data from my Polar CS200 bike computer (don't have my Garmin mounted on the bike yet).


Exe Time: 01:09:50
Mean HR: 123
Max HR: 146
HR Zone: none set, but 60-70% is 132-146 70-80% is 146-160
Kcal: 552
Distance: 16.2 miles
Mean Speed 13.9 mph
Max Speed: 22.3 mph
Mean Cad: 90
Max Cad: 113
Ride Time: 01:09:59

Nice easy ride today. I guess I spent the entire ride in the 60-70% of max heart-rate zone. Slight tailwind for the first couple miles which turned into a crosswind. Of course, that meant a headwind for the last part of the ride. Felt great on the way out, holding a 100 cadence fairly easily. When we turned around at the 8 mile mark, I briefly thought about pushing for another two miles. Glad I didn't. Though I wasn't ever in any trouble, my legs were fatigued at the end. I think the spin class doesn't train me for the sustained effort that road cycling takes.

I've completely failed to get my gpsvisualizer map embedded into this blog post. I think I'll just throw this up instead of letting it wither on the vine.

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