Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Martini Blues

Just got back from Martini Blues in Huntington Beach for their Tuesday night comedy. Very cool time. No cover, no apparant drink minimum, and unpolished comedians doing 6 minutes of material. Saw a variety of levels, experience, and success and gained a new appreciation for how difficult it must be to write good material. Very inspiring.

Unfortunately, that means this blog will represent my test-bed for jokes.

Louise Palanker (of Weezy and the Swish) had the most polished material, though there was another woman (who's name was mumbled) earlier in the evening who was also quite good.

Damn mumbled-name woman did a bit on buying bulk at Costco! Why am I surprised that that premise is already used by comics? I guess I'm not. Her bit was buying pregnancy tests three-at-a-time. Very funny.

Some high-school aged guys who seemed to be Weezy's comedy students went up with some success. We saw the first two guys sets. This set (2:45 in). Great line about giving Keanu Reeves as a fake name to a police officer.

"You're still under arrest."
"The Lake House. Two people, separated by three years? A magic mailbox? I just don't buy it."

Ari David and his (now) fiancé (Pheeny? Feeny?) both went on. Ari's set was pretty out there. I had no idea what I was expecting, but not that. Random barking? Random disrobing? Was it all a setup for the fiancé? She was a lot more conventional, and also funnier. With Ari, I was cracking up while asking myself what the heck he though he was doing.

RH is the Weezy and the Swish fanboy, so perhaps he was better prepared for the Ari set.

I'll have to go again. I'll have to write material and go up.


  1. Fini Goodman: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6YvUzkmPEww

    Also, the barking/disrobing/"performance art" is Ari's thing... so yea I was probably more prepared. But is anyone really prepared for naked fat man with bulging eyes?

    Also, having seen how good some of the comics are I'm more intimidated than ever by the form.

    Lesson 1: Puns. Please people, no puns. Kthx! ^_^

  2. I love little comedy clubs like this. My favorite is in Hermosa Beach - it's a little side lounge to the Comedy and Magic Club called the Lounge. You can usually manage to get in with no cover-charge but they do have a two-drink minimum. Good comedians and excellent music.

    I'll have to try Martini Blues next time.

    And I am very, very lost as to the meaning of rh's comment. :-)

  3. [RH Translation]

    Ok,thanks! [smileyface]

    That's a play on my online annoyances, that he happens to know about.

    The next time we go to Martini Blues, I'll let you know. Er, Pilgrimgirl has your contact info?

    I wouldn't mind checking out the Lounge, though maybe I'm not pretty enough to get in without a cover. What night of the week?

  4. The thing with the Lounge is they give you four free tickets for your birthday. Anyone. You just have to sign up for an email list, so usually someone in the group can get free tickets. Dawn Thomas and Brett Cain are great.

    The Comedy and Magic Club has some excellent shows also, but they aren't free. We've seen Richard Jeni and Michael Richards there.

    Jana does have my contact info, let's switch email and phone #s through her. :-) We'd love to go to a show sometime.